Mission Statement

"Who would still dare to undertake projects that require thousands of years for their completion?"

— Friedrich Nietzsche

“The failure to read good books both enfeebles our vision and strengthens our most fatal tendency—the belief that the here and now is all there is.”

— Allan Bloom

Nigel Tufnell, David St Hubbins, and Derek Smalls stand beside Elvis's grave. David: "Well, this is thoroughly depressing." Nigel: “It really puts perspective on things, though, doesn't it?" David: "Too much. A little too much fucking perspective."

This is Spinal Tap

Every two weeks (minimum), I write about the present based on my studies of the past and premonitions of the future. My perspective is a synthesis of the above three quotations: interest in long-term thinking, appreciation for ancient wisdom, and a willingness to take the piss. My credentials are an education in history and philosophy through school and self-study, and a crash course in life through work and new parenthood.

I write for myself, for the unknown reader, and for posterity. Adopting the long view means not falling into narrow, presentist definitions of left and right. It means looking farther out to see where bad ideas have led us in the past, and where, without opposition, they may lead us again in the future. If I’m wrong, history will judge (or, more likely, forget I ever existed).

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